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Mark J. Kohler
KKO Laywers
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David Lozano
Law Offices of Dave Lozano
Specializing in Bankruptcy

Noelle M. Halaby
Law Office of Noelle M. Halaby
(Specializing in family law)

Daniel R. Mortensen
Law Offices of Daniel R. Mortensen
Tax, Trust, & Estate Attorney


Real Estate & Loans

Dave McKean
Classic Real Estate Inc.
Real Estate Consultant

Gary Leach
Wells Fargo
Home Mortgage Consultant


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Budget Worksheet

If you do not track your money, you can’t track your savings. This budget worksheet will help you identify where your money is being spent each month and allow you see where money can be saved. Download File

Financial Checklist for the Recently Widowed



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Who's who in a Fixed Index Annuity
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Is a Fixed Index Annuity Right for you?
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  • Strategies to feel good about preparing for retirement
  • Strategies that can help rebuild your financial needs
  • Strategies in challenging times
  • Strategies to help achieve financial goals
  • Strategies to help achieve your long-term financial goals
  • Alternative products in challenging times
  • Feel good about your retirement strategies
  • Feel confident about your retirement savings strategies
  • How you can get income that you won't outlive*
  • Information about IRA's and tax deferral characteristics **
  • Things to think about that may be more appropriate for your financial needs
  • How our clients have kept their money safe from market declines
  • Options that let you avoid taxes on IRA distributions**
  • Products that keep your principal safe from market declines*
*Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. ** We do not provide specific legal or tax advice, nor promote, market or recommend any tax plan or arrangement. Consult a tax/legal professional for guidance with your individual situation

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