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Keep it Simple

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We Do What’s Right, Not What’s Popular

Most financial advisors make handling your money seem so complicated. We believe that making the right decisions with your money comes down to one simple question:

“Do you want your principal protected or do you want your principal at risk?”

We believe that as you grow older you should have less of your investable money at risk and more of your investable money in a place where the principal is protected. We believe that keeping your principal protected in these volatile times is important. In the past years we have seen the stock market go down dramatically and many people have lost half or all their life savings. Did that happen to you? Remember how it felt to lose so much money practically over night? We at the Total Financial Solutions, Inc. feel this is unacceptable. If you protect your principal from risk, you will never have that terrible feeling again.

Here’s a question for you to think about:

“When is the next 2008?”

If you protect your principal the answer is NEVER!

We believe in the GREEN line.

Take a look at the chart below and ask yourself,

“Where would I rather have my money?”

If you are like our clients, your answer would be,

“I want my money in the GREEN line!”

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Go back 50 years. Would you rather have your money in the RED line which is the roller coaster stock market or in the GREEN line where your principal is protected?

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